Red Canyon, Desert Agriculture, and Kibbutz Life

Starting from 65$ per person.

Red Canyon


07:00 – Pickup from your hotel in Eilat, Drive north west into the Eilat Mountains into the Red Canyon.

08:00 The Red Canyon

11:00 The Sand Dunes

12:30 Kibbutz Neot Smadar, an ecologically kibbutz in the desert

15:00 Kibbutz Ketura, a cooperative community and technological pioneer

17:30 (Approx.) Arrive back in Eilat and dropped at your hotel

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Visit many of the foremost mesmerized natural sites in Israel and arguably the complete region.
At the Red canon, get pleasure from the spectacular desert scenery.
The red arenaceous rock that forms the walls of the canyon are graven over thousands years by water and wind,
and because the light-weight catches it, it makes this, one in all the attractive,
nevertheless straightforward to access, hikes within the region one to not miss.

On the fringes of the Ovda natural depression, see the foremost spectacular sand dunes within the region,
wherever nearly half the sand is created of small marine fossils from the time once this region was below water,
and several other spectacular archaeologic ruins as well as ancient storage vessels.

Visit collective Kibbutz Neot Smadar with its architecturally distinctive and beautiful Art Center.
The kibbutz is far-famed for its art and music. Tour the collective kibbutz, its agricultural and cultural facilities,
and find out about collective Kibbutz life from locals.

At Kibbutz Ketura, we'll see a collective farm that has remodeled from ancient agriculture to a technological pioneer.
Hear regarding the institution of the first collective Kibbutz within the desert,
and its transformation into one in all the world’s pioneers in developing technologies to enhance agriculture.
See Ketura Sun, the primary electrical phenomenon star field within the geographical region