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Eilat accommodation – Yanis Apartments

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Yanis Apartments rental accommodation in Eilat started out in 2011 after Yaniv traveled and traveled the world for over 10 years.. After a lot of places that see the world came to the conclusion that this land Eilat sun and eternal freedom instead of sea and desert meet .. so familiar and know the needs of travelers around the world trying to bring with knowledge of the missing place away from home – the house itself with all the elements That is to say you missing little you away from home

Eilat apartments rental in amdar village

We provide fully furnished, high-end, affordable homes ranging from two bedroom to as large as three bedrooms. In addition, you can rely on us to find you a perfect place to call home during your stay in Eilat- Israel.

Our goal is to provide you with

yanis apartments

Paros holiday apartment

Yannis accommodation apartments offer you the " Paros" holiday apartment: it is actually a spacious ground level home. Detached from the city, certainly without noise and cars. It is just like an island, and so it is the apartment's named after the stunning greek island "paros"

Vista holiday apartment

Yannis accommodation apartments offer you the "Vista" holiday apartment. This is an ideal apartment for young couples or for families in the same vein.

Eilat holiday apartment

Yannis accommodation apartments offer you the "Eilat" holiday apartment. this is a spacious private home decorated in a moroccan style and named after the "southern coastal city of Morocco," Tangir.

Soof Apartment

A beautiful new Apartment – in an excellent location close to the sea. The seaside apartments are located a 5-minute walk to the beach, the promenade, the mall, the city’s entertainment centers, supermarket, and more!

Sinay Apartment

Beautiful apartment in prime location – Huge living room and spacious with tv cable included (YES), Wifi and much More!

Yam Apartment

Yam Apartment

Great new apartment with many luxurious facilities and very attractive location near every main attraction in Eilat!

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