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דירות נופש באילת עם ג‘קוזי

Vacation apartments in Eilat with Jacuzzi

Eilat, Eilat ... What a special city ... It has everything you can ask for a relaxing and peaceful vacation along with a variety of activities and attractions for those looking for some interest: beautiful beaches, the famous coral reef, Courses scuba dive All the different types and all levels, beach parties, bars, cafes and restaurants, activities for children and adults in the water such as water skiing, banana, parachute, windsurfing ... Of course you can not miss the underwater observatory, in short Eilat has everything ... and what is more luxurious than renting an apartment Vacation in Eilat with Jacuzzi? A huge apartment that simply has everything you need to be really pampered.

דירת נופש באילת עם ג'קוזי

Why an apartment in Eilat?

True, there are quite a few hotels in the city and many of them are also excellent. The thing is that you are really, but really not alone ... but with hundreds of other people ... Sometimes the crowding is really oppressive and when the days pass so fast, you do not even feel like you were on vacation ...

In the apartment in Eilat you wake up in the morning after you have spent a night of pampering in bed with a quality orthopedic mattress and you have finally slept well ... You shower in the shower that is equipped with everything you need ... You organized yourself a breakfast in the kitchen equipped with everything you need: a huge refrigerator, cooking utensils, Kettle, countertops ... Need to fill the refrigerator? There is a shopping center with a supermarket within walking distance ...

You ate breakfast from the movies, just like you like and organized yourselves into the sea ... The beaches of Eilat are located within walking distance of our apartments ... you are at sea ... enjoy the quiet, the tranquility, the perfect view, go into the water ... a bit sunbathing, The perfect ... you got tired? Excellent ... It's time to go back to the apartment, do some good shower and just catch a nap in the air conditioner ... Looking for an interest? Dozens attractions Cool ones are right next to you ... Want to have lunch before you come back? There are so many restaurants and cafes in the area that you might even have a hard time choosing ...

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The apartments are suitable for couples, families or groups of friends. You can book apartments of 2,3 or 4 bedrooms and even get some families together.

Choose from a number of cool apartments equipped with everything you need to enjoy a perfect holiday. Spacious bedrooms, cable TV, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, private garden where you can sit in the afternoon and prepare a pampering dinner and ... maybe even open a BBQ, just like your home.

Vacation apartments in Eilat This is a great time to spend a romantic break with your spouse, enjoy a family vacation with your kids or even take a couple of friends and simply enjoy everything this amazing resort town has to offer you.

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