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Recommended holiday attractions in Eilat

דירות נופש באילת למשפחה

When you take a vacation in a city like Eilat it is a great opportunity to combine rest in hotels or Apartments in Eilat, Quality time with the people we love and a little fun. In the next post we chose to tell you about some of the best holiday attractions in Eilat.

Attractions for couples

  • Parachute for couples A parachute connected to the boat will lift you high up into the sky and allow you to climb to the altitude, Enjoy the sun, The scenery and the pleasant spirit in your face and just spend quality time pampering together.

  • Spa under water If all you want is to be pampered, Do some pampering massage but not a regular massage, In-water massage with three pools and a whole complex full of attractions, All you have to do is book a place on the Seletblatt on the water.

  • Snorkels If you do not have time to do Diving course in Eilat, Rent simple equipment and enjoy an enjoyable and exciting diving experience at one of the world's most impressive dive sites.

Attractions with children

  • Underwater Observatory Here you and the children will be able to watch the whole world under water in perfect silence. Feedings made by a diver, Oceanarium, Turtle Pool, The world of sharks, Souvenir shop and more. There are also occasional special events so worth catching up on the site of the Underwater Observatory and even purchase tickets in advance.

  • The transparent boat A boat in which they sail in the sea and go down to the second floor, See all the fish, Coral and reefs. An amazing experience for children.

  • Kayaks If you feel like running your body a little bit after you've spent the whole day on the tanning beds, You can do this easily by renting kayaks. Kayaks are suitable for couples, Triplets or even pedal boats for more people. Great fun.

  • Jeep trips If you do not fall in too hot weather, A jeep tour can be a fun experience for the whole family. You can explore the Eilat Mountains, Take a guide and even get to Jordan.


Attractions with friends

  • Banana What a pleasure it is to get the whole bunch on a banana and sail for our pleasure in the water. If you are flowing there will also be a fall or two. What is certain is that there are many funny passages, and this is a fun and fun experience.

  • Sailing on the yacht It is time to rent a luxurious yacht to all members, Organize a fun party on the boat with alcohol, Music and food and just enjoy each other. There are really luxurious yachts in the port of Eilat with a pool and everything but it depends on your budget and how many people you are in total.

  • Tubing Very much like a banana just much faster, is funny, Bouncy and suitable for more people.

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