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קייטסרפינג באילת
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Kitesurfing in Eilat

Eilat is the ultimate location for new experiences and if you are looking for sea or water sports attractions - do not miss the surfing surfing that sweeps millions of surfers around the world.

If you look well, you will see colorful kites that are followed by enthusiastic skiers at great speed above the water. The surfers perform acrobatic jumps and stunts in the air, land elegantly in the water and continue to surf.

Eilat is a great place to surf the beach because of the ideal weather conditions for Kate Surfing: the northern wind and the low sea most days of the year.

קייט סרפינג

That Kate Srafing?

Kate Surfing is a challenging water sport that is gaining momentum and many fans in Israel, enabling it to reach a good level of surfing within a relatively short time and at a low cost compared to other water sports. It's a marine sport with lots of action, pan and adrenalin.

Kate Surf Surfing is made possible after a Kate Surfing course. The classes start with a three-four-hour kate surfing course where you learn with a personal instructor. It is very important to choose a school that specializes in Kate Surfing to ensure professionalism.

Well to learn kitesurfing There are a number of basic conditions: a suitable spirit for surfing, a suitable, forgiving caterer for instruction, a professional and patient guide who can guide safely and correctly and accompany the student in water and on the ground, a learning continuum - the fastest progress when practicing classes in sequence, day after day and even two lessons on the same day.

In the State of Israel, it is best to learn how to surf the beach in Eilat. Where there are the most comfortable weather conditions, the most comfortable wind and sea for learning Kate, guides and professional equipment. In Eilat the shiurim are accompanied by a boat in the water, which allows the instructor to keep a close eye on the students from the boat while standing on the surfboard at the best price (without VAT) There are always hot deals that include a course + a new or used equipment package with warranty

Your hosts are in the guest apartments of Yanis They are veteran Kate skiers with over 10 years experience in the field and would be happy to recommend tutorials, tips etc. in the field ..

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