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Accommodation in Eilat compared to the hotel - vacation without tearing the pocket


You want to escape from the routine straight to the southernmost city in the country, the city that does not have VAT, there are beautiful beaches, warm people and plenty of attractions for its visitors, but you want a vacation that will not rip your pocket and leave you some money for spending and pampering. Luckily there are also guest rooms in Eilat that are significantly cheaper than the hotelsחדרי אירוח באילת

Eilat is the most touristy city in Israel. It is beautiful, it is cool, fun, it has an atmosphere of overseas, even as it offers vacationers a wide range of lodging solutions for any type of vacation and any budget If you are a CEO of a giant company you can indulge in a presidential suite in a five- If you are a family you can find hotels in a variable price range, and if you are lucky and have a bank account that goes further than it and less then there are also hostels, hostels and the local hit: guest rooms in Eilat.

What are guest rooms in Eilat and when is it best to vacation?

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to rent a hotel room. Hotel prices start even in the winter from 600 NIS per room for a couple not including breakfast, and in the summer you can imagine how prices rise with the virtues together. So the ideal solution is to rent a room in a vacation apartment. Many private individuals rent guest rooms in their homes or apartments, and the prices of these rooms are cheaper if you choose to vacation in winter or not during busy holidays.

Guest rooms in Eilat - much more spacious

If you've already been in Eilat with family or friends, you've probably noticed that the rooms are mostly small and inconvenient for a family vacation. A family with two or three children is squeezed into one small room. Compared to rooms in hotels, vacation apartments and guest rooms in Eilat there is much more spice. Most often there is a living room, there is a kitchen and there are a number of rooms so that each member of the vacation can find his quietness and his place.

In short, if you want to vacation in Eilat, you do not have to be a member of the Baron de Rothschild family. You just need to know which vacation period is the best vacation and book a room in advance.

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