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All the reasons for holiday in Eilat in winter

If you are also fascinated by the attractive prices of flights and vacation packages to Eilat during the winter months, but are debating whether there is anything to do in Eilat when "the rain is dripping on the home front" and all signs show winter, it is time to know all the positive aspects of Eilat even during the rainy season, Most people conclude that it pays to vacation in Eilat even in less warm months, such as October to February. Want to know why? Start reading!

לנפוש באילת בחורף

Eilat in the winter - all the advantages

The advantages of Eilat do not run out during the winter, but rather the opposite, it renews and allows for new opportunities, such as vacationing in a tourist city that is not overloaded and crowded with a huge amount of tourists, indulging in pampering vacation apartments at the most attractive prices Enjoying a slower and more indulgent life pace, enjoy a variety of attractions, such as the City of Kings, Timna Park, enjoy sitting in the rough bars of the southernmost city of Israel and sitting in fine restaurants, including the city's wonderful fish restaurants. The city of Eilat during the winter months is ideal For family vacation And a romantic couple vacation, and you can also find individuals who come to the city to experience the beauty of the city themselves.

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Eilat - Attractions in the sea and in the air

Let's start at the sea of Eilat, one of the wonderful days there is, the Red Sea, also called the Red Sea. A sea in which the water looks reddish, following the reflection of the reddish mountains in Jordan. The Red Sea, which contains over 1200 species of fish and magical coral reefs, is also known as one of Eilat's main tourist attractions. Contrary to what most people think, even in the winter months, the weather is comfortable in Eilat, the sea is clear and dive sites are active and are a tourist attraction required. The options available in the winter are an introductory dive in which you can also see the 'inherent fence' (it is important to ask). You can visit the underwater observatory and enjoy the impressive shark pool and of course you should not miss the dolphin reef and water treatments in the spa pools.

If you want to combine sea and dry, the camel farm is a tourist site suitable for the whole family and on rainy days you can enjoy camel rides and rope tracks in the rope park. Other options are the amazing botanical garden with all its tropical crops, the beautiful hiking trails, the streams and the Mitzpehim and Timna Park. If you are interested in an all adrenaline attraction, you can order a free skydiving in Eilat and if you are interested in something a bit more solid, but still in the air, you can enjoy flying back from the vacation on a luxurious business flight from one of Israel's recognized airlines.

Now, all that remains is to choose the same Attractive apartment in Eilat At a price suitable for every pocket. Yanis Apartments offer you accommodation located in one of Eilat's luxury neighborhoods, a few minutes from the beach and with ample parking. Have fun!

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