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בואו לאילת! קורס צלילה בעיר הנופש של ישראל
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Come to Eilat! Diving course in the resort city of Israel

The changing waves of the Mediterranean are often intriguing - from small to large. While there are those who make do with looking at the waves of blue, there are those who are interested in diving into the great blue and discovering its treasures. If you, too, are intrigued by the dive, know that a whole underwater world awaits you. The earth is mostly covered with water, with 70% water and 30% dry, so it is not surprising that alongside the world on land known to all, there is a whole, colorful and deep sea world that can be discovered by diving.

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Diving course and you are inside

It is not far from the days when the diving courses were complex, long and expensive, so that those who were intrigued by the water world should have had only an external view of its wonders. Today, the situation is completely different and the diving courses are much more accessible than they used to be. What is required of you to enjoy a diving course? There are several different courses that are divided according to different grades. Keep in mind that each course at each level requires basic physical ability and good health as well as swimming abilities. Ready to go?

Course Star 1: open water

The first course, and to a large extent the most sought after by those who make their first steps towards the sea, is the one-star diving course. You do not have to have the experience to do the course, but a desire for blue water will suffice at this stage. The prerequisite for the course, including a diving course in Eilat, is to be over the age of 12, pass a basic swimming test that will indicate the ability to swim and float, and then sign a form indicating good health. In most cases, the course takes a few days.

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2 star course: advanced open water

The second course is a higher level course compared to the first course. The aim of the course is to strengthen the abilities of the novice divers and expand their knowledge. Throughout the course, the divers will receive tools to improve their diving abilities, while meeting the participants with different stress situations and coping with them. Prerequisites: Participants must be 15 years of age. As well as in the first course, you must sign a medical statement and also present the certificate of completion of the first diving course. Want to take a diving course in Eilat? This course is also waiting for you!

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3 star course: dive master

This course is a relatively advanced course, in which the participants receive tools for dealing with emergency situations and rescue capabilities in extreme situations. In most cases, divers who want to be instructors in the future, pass this course to get the tools necessary for the continuation. The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the highest quality tools and to utilize their abilities. The course also includes theoretical materials, but of course practical hours. The prerequisites for participation in the course are slightly more stringent than in the previous two categories: First, in order to participate in this course, divers must have at least 2 stars. The age of participation is over the age of 16, when participants under the age of 18 must be approved by parents. In addition, each participant must participate in at least 40 dives before participating in this course.

Safe behavior in water

It should be noted that anyone interested in participating in the diving course assumes responsibility for proper water behavior. Before each course, the instructor will submit a complete and meticulous briefing based on rules that must be followed to ensure safe, pleasant and fruitful diving. Now all you have to do is dive!

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