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Diving vacation and accommodation at Yanis Eilat vacation apartments

In recent years, diving has become popular among adults, teenagers and even family holidays on weekends and during the summer vacation. There is no doubt that diving is a refreshing and special experience and provides wonderful moments in a quiet and magical world ... Anyone looking to combine a vacation with diving - there is no better place in Israel to do this than in Eilat.

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Diving Course in Eilat - What is special about it?

The diving course in Eilat is the only one in Israel that takes place in the clear and clean waters of the Red Sea, and not in the less inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are other reasons to choose Eilat: Red Sea fishing is amazingly varied, and many species of fish swim in water that are easily accessible to novice divers and trainees in diving courses.

What diving course in Eilat should you choose?

If you have not yet completed a diving course in Eilat or at all, you need to register for a beginners courseFirst Star Diving Course From the age of 12). There you will learn about the diving equipment, the sea, safety, procedures and various diving techniques. The course gives the so-called "one star". But it's not just a school experience - every evening, after school and lucidity, you can go out to the city's exciting pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

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There's nothing like Eilat

The combination of diving and recreation makes Eilat a destination that amateur divers and professionals can not give up. A diving course in Eilat is more than just a diving course - the facilities in the city are the best in Israel, the conditions are perfect, and instead of finishing the evening at home in bed as part of the daily routine, you go out until morning, before returning the next day to dive again. pleasure.


Each of the Yanis Holiday Apartments is located a short drive from the South Beach, where all the diving clubs and resorts are located. In addition, the tourist center can be reached in a short walk, where there are pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Yaniv, the owner of Yanis, Vacation apartments in Eilat, Who has been a diving instructor for many years, will be happy to give you diving recommendations and discounts: courses, introductory dives, diving and snorkeling sites, and more.

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