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חופשה זוגית
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Couple vacation

Freedom calls you to go out and get some air. You understand how important it is to preserve the relationship and invest, and there is nothing like good memories of a successful vacation in order to cuddle and sweeten the return to the race.

חופשה זוגית

A vacation like this is a great opportunity to enjoy one with the other. A good opportunity to foment love and experience a kind of shared re-start. A one-on-one vacation contributes and strengthens The relationship over the years ..

Couple vacation - because you deserve to be pampered

The recipe for a couple vacation is a lot of treats and you will find them in Eilat and abundance! Between the sea and the desert are apartments YANIS Offering high standard accommodation and excellent conditions for a successful couple vacation. A pampering double in the spa, a romantic dinner in one of the city's finest restaurants, a beautiful sunset facing the Red Sea and other possibilities and activities for an unforgettable couple experience. 

Eilat is a happy city where you can find a sea of treats and activities in two: luxurious spa areas that offer professional treatments, beaches where water sports are fun and fun, desert tours in front of amazing desert views, meals in special restaurants, stormy entertainment in clubs with music sparks and hospitality at the highest quality hotels . A couple vacation in Eilat is a wonderful experience filled with love!

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