Yanis Apartments in Eilat is proud to present the new vacation apartment "Timna" - which joins the other apartments in an excellent location by the sea. In addition, it is located adjacent to the vacation apartment "Eilat" - as you will close to Eilat ...

In fact, it is possible to leave two families in two apartments, with complete privacy for each family, but still close enough so that the children can come from apartment to apartment in a few simple and safe steps.

The Timna vacation apartment (named after Timna Park) Is located on the first floor (and last) in a quiet and exclusive area, with ample parking and many walking options from the apartment itself without moving the vehicle at all (to the beach, the northern promenade, To the musical fountain And each area of bars and clubs).

In the spacious apartment there are two bedrooms and a living room. The master suite includes additional bathroom and bath and an exit to a private balcony.

The living room and kitchen are modern, with all the necessary accessories for preparing large family meals and for comfortable sitting in front of the TV and watching movies together.

The balcony overlooks the sea and is equipped with a barbecue corner and a seating area for an Eilat-style barbecue evening.

Like all the sisters of the Timna vacation apartment, the new apartment also meets the highest standards of cleanliness, and Yaniv makes sure to get to the apartment before the guests arrive and pay attention to all the details in order for the reception to be no less than perfect.

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Address: 1 Hoshen st., Eilat