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Vacation apartments in Eilat Yannis offers you the vacation apartment "Eilat" This is actually a spacious first floor apartment designed Moroccan style, named after the southern coastal city in Israel. The "Eilat" apartment offers vacationers a unique vacation, in a slightly different style.

There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room with cable TV and Wi-Fi internet, a spacious private balcony.

The entire apartment is designed in Moroccan style in a unique style and gives a sense of vacation abroad.

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The kitchen is decorated in bright colors and contains all the modern electrical appliances needed for cooking and preparing pampering meals. On the terrace of a holiday apartment there is a seating area.

Ingredients for meals are bought across the street at the local supermarket with cheap prices in the city.

In the holiday apartment "Eilat" there is a children's room, in addition there is a room that serves as a master suite with toilets and an adjacent bathroom.

The location is in the most equal area of the city of Eilat, a quiet and tranquil area of private holiday apartments.

The children have a playground adjacent to the apartment, club bars, attractions in Eilat and of course ample parking adjacent to the vacation apartment. The hotel and beach area can be reached in less than 5 minutes walking distance.

Some families prefer to eat in restaurants in Eilat - without spending time cooking meals for the family.

Therefore in Yanis Holiday Apartments there is an option to order breakfasts at restaurants near at surprising prices - worth checking.

As well as deals for attractions in Eilat and restaurants in Eilat for every pocket Eilat vacation apartment was prepared for you with love.

The apartment is ready to give you the uniqueness that characterizes the culture of hospitality, which can only be met in Eilat.

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Vacation Apartment Eilat

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