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Attractions in Eilat and the surrounding area

Looking for something to do during your vacation in Eilat? Biannis Vacation apartments in Eilat will be happy to assist you in planning the perfect vacation and even offer you discounts for different attractions in the city. We want a vacation

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Vacation apartments in Eilat

If you are looking for the ultimate vacation spot no matter what season of the year, the city of Eilat is undoubtedly the address for you. It is a city without a break, which

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Dolphin Reef

One of the best recommendations that we can give our guests in "Yanis" vacation apartments in Eilat is a fun recreation (for any age) at the Dolphin Reef.

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Couple vacation

Freedom calls you to go out and get some air. You realize how important it is to preserve the relationship and invest, and there is nothing like good memories of a successful vacation to cuddle and sweeten

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Kitesurfing in Eilat

Eilat is the ultimate location for new experiences and if you are looking for sea or water sports attractions - do not miss the surfing surfing that sweeps millions of surfers around

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