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Looking for something to do during your vacation in Eilat? Biannis Vacation apartments in Eilat will be happy to help you plan the perfect vacation and offer you different discounts for the attractions in the city. Here are 9 different attractions that you should not miss: Dolphin Reef Dolphin is a unique and magical site on the southern shore of Eilat. In keeping with the ecological principles, it contains a botanical garden full of vegetation and animals such as peacocks and chickens that roam freely around the site. When visiting the Dolphin Reef you can walk on the famous dock and watch the dolphins freely. The site also offers diving with dolphins
family vacation ? A romantic vacation? We have prepared a list of the best kosher restaurants in town to make your vacation the perfect holiday: Want a cheap Eilat vacation? Leave your details or call: 052-6097906 Name Email Message Send in the exclusive hotel area You can indulge in the Chateau restaurant. Shato Eilat is a prestigious chef restaurant in the city of Eilat by Oshri Gabay (Baraka Investments). In the restaurant, excellent music is played, relaxed at the beginning of the evening and rhythmic when night falls. In the kosher and impressive Chateau menu, which combines tastings
If you are looking for the ultimate vacation spot no matter what season of the year, the city of Eilat is undoubtedly the address for you. This is a non-stop city that offers a variety of different attractions for any person who comes to vacation in it no matter what period or season of the year. The almost all year weather in Eilat, the sea, the various tourist attractions, landscapes and more are undoubtedly the best thing for anyone who wants to take time out of his busy and demanding routine
Day TourTour No. 301Departures: From Eilat Want a cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or dial: 052-6097906 Name Email Message Send Every day at 05:45 (During the winter season) Package price Starting from: $ 79.00 / per person Pickup at: 05: 4505: 45 Start moving to the north of the country to Jerusalem09: 00 Dead Sea arrival 11:00 Continue toward Jerusalem12: 30 City tour in Jerusalem: ⦁ Church of the holy sepulchre The Markets of the Muslim Quarter Streets Byzantine Cardo Wailing Walla Via Dolorosa16: 00 Optional tour of
Однодневный турИерусалим и Мертвое море, Вифлеем (Бейт Лехем) Каждый день в 05:45 (в зимний сезон) Want cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or call: 052-6097906 Name Email Message sending Стоимость пакетаНачиная с: $ 79.00 на человека Сбор начинается: 05: 4505: 45 за вами заезжает автобус в Эйлате, после чего вы начинаете движение на север страны в город Иерусалим09: 00 Прибытие на Мертвое мореМертвое море это самая низкая точка на земле тут вы можете поплавать в его терапевтической воде и
A tour between one day and another: from Eilat Want a cheap vacation in Eilat? Leave a message or call: 052-6097906 Name Email Message Send Pickup from Eilat: $ 79.00 per person during the winter season Every day at 5:45 AM Package price: $ 79.00 per personAction from Eilat 09:00 Dead Sea Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, here You can swim in the therapeutic waters and relax for a while under the sun. 11: 00 Continue to Jerusalem 12: 30 Tour of JerusalemThe Temple of the Holy SepulcherSquare of the Muslim QuarterThe Byzantine streets Cardochotel Western Europe Dolorosa 16:00 Optional tour in Bethlehem,
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Eilat, Eilat, Eilat ... What a special city ... It has everything you can ask for a calm and peaceful holiday along with a variety of activities and attractions for those looking for some interest: beautiful beaches, the famous coral reef, diving courses of all types and levels, beach parties, bars Cafes, restaurants, activities for children and adults in the water such as water skiing, banana, parachute, wind surfing ... Of course you can not miss the underwater observatory, in short Eilat has everything ... and what is more luxurious than renting a vacation apartment
Dolphin in Eilat
One of the best recommendations that we can give our guests in Yanis is vacation rentals in Eilat. It is an enjoyable experience (for all ages) in the Dolphin Reef - this is an experience you should not miss: stand on the pier and watch the dolphin feeding closely, spend time on the relatively calm beach or participate in swimming or diving. Along with the most friendly dolphins in the Middle East in its natural habitat. Want cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or dial: 052-6097906 Name Email Message Send In addition this amazing place is also suitable for a romantic evening, including
In recent years, diving has become popular among adults, teenagers and even family holidays on weekends and during the summer vacation. There is no doubt that diving is a refreshing and special experience and provides wonderful moments in a quiet and magical world ... Anyone looking to combine a vacation with diving - there is no better place in Israel to do this than in Eilat. Want cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or call: 052-6097906 Name Email Message Send a diving course in Eilat - what's special about it? The diving course in Eilat is the only one in Israel that takes place in the water
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If you are also fascinated by the attractive prices of flights and vacation packages to Eilat during the winter months, but are debating whether there is anything to do in Eilat when "the rain is dripping on the home front" and all signs show winter, it is time to know all the positive aspects of Eilat even during the rainy season, Most people conclude that it pays to vacation in Eilat even in less warm months, such as October to February. Want to know why? Start reading! Want cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or dial: 052-6097906

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