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Family vacation: Family vacation in Eilat

דירות משפחתיות באילת

Vacation apartments in Eilat The family is ideal for families, families who come to vacation in Eilat.

With family vacation apartments in Eilat, unlike a room in a hotel, there are a number of spacious bedrooms and a master bedroom with separate toilet and bath, in the living room you can enjoy watching movies (dvd, cable) with LCD TV. And so there is space to spend together during a family vacation in Eilat, which is more qualitative, formative and enjoyable.

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Vacation apartments in Eilat for a family with a spacious yard for each vacation apartment - with a dining table, a barbecue area, and complete privacy - that allows you to spend a family vacation in Eilat in a perfect atmosphere. More info on Family accommodation in Eilat And Yanis's apartments.

These advantages of Vacation units in Eilat For families, no hotel can provide you with your money. The price for families,Yanis Holiday Apartments"It is special, fair and the most rewarding for your family.

The location is "Amdar Village" right in the area closest to the sea promenade and Mall facing the sea, quiet and calm area of private land houses. Family hosting in Eilat where children have a playground adjacent to the homes of the resort and of course ample parking adjacent to the apartment. The hotel and beach area can be reached in less than 5 minutes' walk.

The vacation apartments of Paros, Vista, Eilat, Sinai, Yam and Suf have been prepared for you with love, and they are ready to give you the uniqueness that characterizes the culture of hospitality that can only be met in Eilat. Then we meet in Eilat the land of the sun and the eternal spirit of Israel.

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