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Welcome to Yanis: Vacation apartments in Eilat at affordable prices!

Yanis Vacation apartments in Eilat Established by Yaniv and Sinai in 2010 in Eilat.

The apartments are designed mainly for families and anyone who wants to experience Eilat in a more "local" style.

Want cheap Eilat vacation? Leave details or dial: 052-6097906

As well as for divers and windsurfers and Kittsarf - as is known Eilat is infused with endless wind and amazing sea beauty

Location - The apartments are private and located in the prestigious neighborhood closest to the Amadar Village.

A very quiet and quiet neighborhood with ample parking!

Hospitality in Eilat 2 minutes walk from the beach!

A hospitality apartment in Eilat has outstanding advantages over a standard vacation in a hotel, and in the end it provides an exceptional and unique experience that you will never forget for a long time:

# Family vacation in Eilat In a vacation apartment is much more cost-effective. And yes, the size does matter, the apartments are large and spacious for hosting in Eilat in a magical atmosphere.

# The possibility of having family meals or a barbecue evening in a private courtyard is only available in vacation apartments.

# The holiday apartments are within walking distance of the beach - all of our apartments are in an excellent location in the prestigious Amdar Village neighborhood

# Each guest receives personal attention, recommendations and discounts on many attractions and restaurants in the city.

 Our ultimate goal is - Hospitality in Eilat Every guest will come back to stay with us again and recommend to family and friends from your personal and heartfelt experience about your man in Eilat!

So we meet in Eilat the land of the wind and the eternal sun ...

Yaniv and Sinai

Yanis Apartments


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