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Vacation Apartment Eilat

A private and spacious private house with 3 bedrooms. Designed in Moroccan style and named after the southern coastal city of Morocco.

With jacuzzi

Vista Vacation Apartment

The Vista Holiday Apartment is an ideal accommodation for couples and friends alike.

Paros Holiday Apartment

The house is spacious and detached from the city, without noise and cars just like an island and is therefore named after the amazing Greek island of Paros.

Sinai Holiday Apartment

Beautiful apartment - in an excellent location, in the same complex of other apartments, including the possibility of hosting 2 families in 2 apartments.

Vacation apartment apartment

Excellent location, 5 minutes from the beach, well equipped and luxurious - suitable for couples.

The Soff resort apartment

A new apartment, designed in a modern and innovative style, providing a particularly fun accommodation experience. The furnishings are all new, and the design lighting adds to the unique atmosphere. 5 minutes from the sea!

Vacation apartment Timna

The vacation apartment "Timna" is located adjacent to the vacation apartment "Eilat" - as you will avoid close to Eilat ... - thus allowing a vacation of two families in two apartments, with complete privacy for each family, but still close enough so that the children can come from apartment to apartment in a few simple and safe steps.

Vacation apartments in Eilat - Yanis

Looking for vacation apartments in Eilat? You've come to the right place! within Hospitality in Eilat We arrive at the apartment where the host is already waiting, the apartment is air conditioned and fragrant. On the table next to the flowers is a bottle of wine and cookies for a snack. Take a few steps and you are there. We organize a meal, and we start to feel at home. After spending the night in Lili (near the apartment most of the city clubs and in 3 minutes walk you are there and of course do not have to drive back).

Vacation units in Eilat that you will not forget

In the morning you get up, eat a pampering breakfast, get organized and go out to the beach, on a short walk. You can drink a few beers that you want and do not worry about, do not drive back .. Other attractions of Eilat such as Dolphin Reef, coral sanctuary and underwater observatory, all are located on the south coast. From the apartment it will take you 5-7 minutes to get there by taxi or by car.

Yannis Apartments in Eilat - 052-6097906

Excellent restaurants will recommend you to the host and you are assured culinary experience you have not experienced in Eilat. In the evening everyone sits in the yard together and enjoys a barbeque barbecue in a private atmosphere and starlight. There is not the unnecessary noise that characterizes the hotel area. The day had come to go home. Pack your bags and make sure you have not forgotten any personal items. The ultimate holiday in Eilat in Yanos Paros holiday apartment. Thanks and meet next year!

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