Israel's southernmost city

At the northern point of the Red Sea, Israel's southern border, the everlasting resort town of Eilat. Eilat’s magical and wild scenery, the spectacular red mountains with the gulf’s blue waters at their feet, has always attracted tourists and visitors from all over the world to this special city.

Alongside the standard hotels, Eilat offers lodging and vacation apartments that provide a high quality alternative to vacation in a hotel. A holiday vacation apartment is more spacious, allows for more privacy, home-cooked meals or the option to select one of the good restaurants in the city. Restaurants recommended by locals and tourists alike are found nearby the vista holiday apartment.

Eilat is also known as the City of Eternal Sun, since the weather is warm to pleasant throughout the whole year. The gulf water temperature ranges from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. it is possible to enjoy swimming and recreation at the beach even in the winter.

For water sports enthusiasts, the north coast is 5-minute walk from the "paros" holiday apartment and the "vista" apartment that located at the amdar village. That where you can rent kayaks, surfboards and rowing boats. For an even more extreme experience, tubing, parasailing, water skiing and jet skiing are available.

Beneath the calm waters hides the true treasure of Eilat – the coral reef. Beneath the dozens different coral types, live a variety of colorful fish and sea creatures such as crabs, octopuses, eels, sea turtles, sea bats and much more. A very exciting experience is the first dive at the reef or with the beautiful dolphins. Other ways of enjoying the enchanting nature underwater may be free diving with a snorkeling mask, sailing on glass boats or visiting the underwater observatory or the new sport of kite surfing – wind surf.

Lodging in a holiday apartment is always a guarantee for personal attention and will make the visit to Eilat much more fun and authentic. People that choose to spend their vacation at Yanis Apartments will enjoy many benefits and discounts  to various attractions throughout the city and get recommendations for entertainment and restaurants.